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  • DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co., Ltd|通讯继电器|通用功率继电器|汽车继电器|磁保持继电器
  • DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co., Ltd|通讯继电器|通用功率继电器|汽车继电器|磁保持继电器
  • DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co., Ltd|通讯继电器|通用功率继电器|汽车继电器|磁保持继电器
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Relay use precautions

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1. Rated working voltage: refers to the voltage required by the coil when the relay is working normally. Depending on the type of relay, it can be either an AC voltage or a DC voltage.
2. DC resistance: refers to the DC resistance of the coil in the relay, which can be measured by the universal meter.
3. Pull-in current: refers to the minimum current that the relay can generate the pull-in action. In normal use, the given current must be slightly larger than the pull-in current so that the relay can operate stably. For the working voltage applied to the coil, generally do not exceed 1.5 times the rated working voltage, otherwise a large current will be generated and the coil will be burnt.
4. Release current: refers to the maximum current that the relay generates to release. When the current in the state of the relay is reduced to a certain level, the relay will return to the unenergized release state. The current at this time is much smaller than the pull-in current.
5. Contact switching voltage and current: refers to the voltage and current that the relay is allowed to load. It determines the size of the relay to control the voltage and current, and can not exceed this value when used, otherwise it will easily damage the contacts of the relay. The technology refers to the fact that the coil in the relay generates a very high reverse electromotive force in the event of loss of current, which easily damages the electronic device that controls it. It is important to consider introducing an absorbing circuit into the design circuit during use.

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